Fap has been working for about 30 years in two main sectors: in the railway market as a supplier of accessories and interior decorations for railway carriages; in the caravanning sector, in addition to producing valves, lights and many other items, it is a leader in the production of locks, always guaranteeing reliability and safety to its customers.

The company, using modern research and development technology, has as its primary objective the constant improvement of product quality, a policy that has allowed it to obtain esteem and consideration from the most important Italian and foreign companies in both sectors.

The company, located in Florence on a 4,000 sq m covered structure, includes production departments, a computerized warehouse, a modern technical office equipped with state-of-the-art design systems and a Quality Control.
Fap works in a global market. We ship our products throughout the EU but also to South Africa, Australia, China, New Zealand and the United States. We are the EU + UK market leader for locking systems.

More and more oriented to probe the global market, but well rooted in its homeland, which certainly is no longer just Italy but the whole of Europe: this is a synthetic picture of a company, the Florentine FAP, which has by now it has demonstrated in no uncertain terms its world leadership in the sector of locks for campers and caravans.

The landing in America is done: supplies to US manufacturers started at the end of 2013, revolutionizing the market with the proposal of plastic locks as an alternative to traditional metal locks.
  • Satisfaction of its customers, always offering high quality and cutting-edge products through the contribution of all resources;
  • Continuous improvement of the organization, studying solutions for the main customers and sectors;
  • Involvement of all resources in policies and in the pursuit of objectives, with individual growth and at the same time development of the organization;
  • Growth of its human resources, through continuous professional growth and motivation;
  • Mutually beneficial relationship with suppliers, through fairness and professional collaboration.
See our quality policy.